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Christmas should have been a time for family to come together and reminisce on the year that came before. But on Christmas Day, Super Typhoon Nina (International Name: Nock-Ten) landed on the Bicol Region. With howling winds moving 230 kilometers (143 miles) per hour, the storm ripped through the area, destroying homes and flipping cars, endangering the lives of thousands of people who just wanted a quiet and peaceful Christmas. Soon, pictures of the devastation that Nina inflicted started streaming in and the Exempli Gratia Foundation responded to the call to help Bicol stand up again. With the aid of the Blue Helmet Volunteers, the Foundation repacked an initial 100 plastic bags of relief goods containing two kilos of rice, two packs of instant noodles and two canned goods. Then more help came from various generous donors came in bringing in old clothes and cash donations. The Foundation then organized a five member team, led by Founding Chairman Ronald Rodriguez, using a pickup truck to deliver the goods to Bicol. Driving through heavy traffic, the team personally saw the heart-rending damage that the storm caused. They went to the flood swamped city of Iriga in the Rinconada district where 150 relief packs where distributed through the help of APEX members from the Ateneo De Naga. Another 150 packs were distributed to Goa Town in the Partido District. A total of 350 more packs are set to be distributed in the town of Ragay this week. With your help, the critical relief supplies reached our brothers and sisters affected by this super Typhoon. Truly, the spirit of bayanihan is alive and well as we approach the New Year with the hopes and dreams of the beautiful people of Bicol. DIOS MABALOS!


Sometimes at the intersections of our lives, we lose track of what truly matters and we feed our fears. We become stuck in the moment and we cannot get out. The question is: How do we move again? Maybe all we need is just a little bit of INSPIRATION. #Inspirar #BelieveInGood #ExempliGratia

Blue Helmet Volunteer Cadetship Program 1.0

It was once said that the best way to touch somebody\'s life is to teach him or her something. On 23 October 2016, we facilitated a disaster preparedness training for the first batch of the Blue Helmet Volunteers Cadetship Program (BHVCP). Watch and see them learn how to act and think during disasters. Spread the word so you too can be a Blue Helmet Cadet!

When Atom Shakes

Scenes from the 2nd Annual MMDA ‪#‎MMShakeDrill‬ Question: What happens when you shake an Atom? ‪#‎BelieveInGood‬ ‪#‎ExempliGratia‬

The Second Metro Manila Shake Drill Invitaton

MMDA\'s main objective for this activity is to ensure that each and every Philippine resident is equipped with the proper know-how once \"The Big One\" strikes. Watch the video, be informed and join us at the ‪#‎MMShakeDrill‬ tomorrow morning at 9am! ‪#‎BelieveInGood‬ ‪#‎ExempliGratia‬

The Second Metro Manila Shake Drill Dance

\"Community involvement isn\'t just important, it\'s essential.\" - Alan Fox Kudos to the ladies and gentlemen of the MMDA who not only try their best to help us behind the scenes but as well as on stage and lead by example. Join us tomorrow at the ‪#‎MMShakeDrill‬! ‪#‎Pagyanig‬ ‪#‎BelieveInGood‬ ‪#‎ExempliGratia‬

Brigada Eskwelda: Pintahan sa Masville National Highschool

On May 30, 2016, the Exempli Gratia Foundation (EGF) and the Rotary Club of Paranaque MetroSouth (RCPMS) joined forces in rolling out the annual National Brigada Eskwela at Masville National High School in Barangay BF, Paranaque City. Volunteerism is not just about grand gestures. It is also about doing little things to help. Join us and let\'s put a SMILE on children\'s faces everywhere! ‪#‎BelieveInGood‬ ‪#‎ExempliGratia‬

The Exempli Gratia Foundation

Perhaps one of the unique value propositions of Exempli Gratia Foundation is its initiative to use technological innovations for social development. Taking its literal translation, the group aims to unearth and discover socially motivated individuals leading by example, and in the process hopes to realize its full potential by inspiring and motivating other people. We call on each and everyone to join us in the cause and know that even ordinary people are capable of doing extraordinary things. Lead by example. So who have you helped lately? ‪#‎ExempliGratia‬ ‪#‎BelieveInGood‬