Exempli Gratia Foundation Unveils New Logo


In its sixth year, the Foundation unveils its new logo, a stylized presentation of the Foundation’s acronym. When coming up with a new project, one of the key questions asked is this – is there a better way?

This is represented in the shape of the letters, fashioned to be like open-ended pathways leading into different directions, each direction highlighting something new and innovative which would help developing communities stand on its own two feet. Each letter is like a roadmap, blazing trails into new and unexplored territories and ingenious solutions and ideas to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

As a Foundation rooted in Filipino values, the colors chosen for the letters are taken from the Philippine flag. It also represents the diverse backgrounds from which the Foundation draws strength. The letters flow into each other, highlighting a fellowship founded on mutual trust and teamwork. Linked together, the Foundation moves forward as one to give better service to the Filipino people.

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